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New MERP Participant

Welcome to the IAFF Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan

You are now a participant in the IAFF Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (“IAFF MERP”). This means your bargaining unit joined the IAFF MERP and contributions are now being sent to IAFF MERP on your behalf. The contributions will result in providing you with a lifetime benefit* for reimbursement of eligible medical expenses in retirement. For information about the plan and how benefits are calculated, check out the MERP Overview page, visit the FAQs page or you can access the IAFF MERP Summary Plan Description.

*Member must have a minimum of 60 months of contributions in order to be eligible for the lifetime benefit. Information about “What Happens If I Separate From Service Before I Earn Five Years of Active Service?” can be found under IAFF MERP Participation and Eligibility in the FAQs section.

Getting Started

We encourage you to register on the Member Portal as soon as possible; it contains important information on your benefits. Select the red “Member Portal” button at the top right of the webpage, then (after you are directed to the SIMON portal) select “Register” under the “Next” button and follow the prompts – we recommend using a personal email address as the IAFF MERP account will follow you into retirement. Once you have created an account, please return to it periodically to update your personal information whenever there is a change. You can submit changes or receive registration assistance by contacting the Trust Office at moc.y1719102166lmiv@1719102166prem-1719102166ffai1719102166 or by calling 1-425-367-0743.

Welcome again and we encourage you to explore this website to learn more about the IAFF MERP.