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The Reviews Are In!

Here’s what your fellow fire fighters say about the benefits, security, and returns the IAFF MERP provides to participating members.

“As a union president looking to bring a solid benefit to our local, the IAFF MERP provided multiple options for our membership. We also significantly increased our returns by contributing sick and vacation leave which is an integral aspect of this plan.”

M. Martin, Petaluma Fire, Local 1415 (Former President)

“Your career will go so much faster than you expect, and the more you can put away to take care of yourself in retirement in the early part of your career, the easier it will be to transition into retirement and maintain your lifestyle. Having the MERP benefit available at retirement is one less thing you have to worry about.”

N. Nedell, Seattle Fire Local 27, Retired 6/2014

“If you are a union leader, this is one of the best benefits that you can provide for your members. Having a lifetime medical benefit adds a great sense of security in retirement. And the level of customer service that we received to implement the program was second to none. Highly recommended!”

R. Kendall, Santa Barbara City Fire Local 525 President

My experience has been great…my benefit is electronically put into my account each month and I would highly recommend the program to all firefighters.

P. Adams, Nampa Fire Local 804 (Retired 2/2013) 

Every little bit helps at retirement. Members need to participate at as high of a level as comfortable during their working years. We need to negotiate thinking more about the future (retirement) than today.

R. Johnson, Kent Fire Local 1747 (Retired 2/2012) 

“Having this additional post-retirement medical benefit allows our members to comfortably retire knowing they’re covered.”

D. Carey, Carpinteria-Summerland Firefighters, Local 3368

“This plan offers benefits for both the employer and employee making it a slam dunk at the bargaining table. IAFF MERP is the path to lifetime medical for junior members and a valuable offset for retirement healthcare costs for those joining later in their fire service careers. It’s a benefit that works in the background your entire career helping ensure quality of life and care post-retirement.”

T. Larsen, Carlsbad Firefighters, Local 3730

“When I started my career this plan was brand new. My early mentors told me it would help bridge the gap when I retire and have to pay for my own medical insurance. Roughly 20 years into my career and the trust will outperform those early estimations and do a lot more than just bridge the gap. The trust has changed what retirement will look like for our retirees.”

J. Bradshaw, Fallbrook Firefighters, Local 1622