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Funding Mechanisms

Your MERP can be funded in the following ways:

Regular Monthly Contributions, including:

  • Employer Contributions made on behalf of each Eligible Member.
  • Mandatory Employee Contributions made via pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • Mandatory Retiree Contributions.

Lump Sum Transfers (converted to Active Service Units using the Lump Sum Transfer Conversion Table, or transferred dollar-for-dollar into Individual Accounts), including:

  • Mandatory Sick/Vacation Leave Transfer.
  • Mandatory Retiree Contributions.
  • Other Eligible Lump Sum Transfers.

Contribution Models

Level Across Bargaining Unit: All members contribute same amount.

Tiered Based on Length of Service: Contributions increase with income.


  • Members with 10 Years of Service: $150/month
  • Members with between 10-20 years of service: $300/month
  • Member with 20 or more years of service: $400/month

By Defined Class: Contribution levels by Date of Hire


  • Members hired on or before January 1, 2010: $150/month
  • Members hired after January 1, 2010: $300/month

Contribution Amount / Frequency

The minimum monthly contribution is $75 per month. There is no monthly maximum. MERP contributions can be made monthly or at another cadence, as long as the minimum contribution level is met.