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You work hard for the money you invest in your retirement saving accounts. Using the money you’ve saved should easy. That’s why we do our best to ensure that managing the money in your IAFF MERP and submitting claims is easy. The SIMON Member Portal makes it easy to check in on your investments, make changes, and submit claims, anytime on any connected device.

Visit the Member Portal

The Vimly SIMON Member Portal is your personalized dashboard and management hub for your MERP account. Note: You will leave this site when you click the button below.

Submit A Claim

Submitting a claim is easy. This link will take you to the Vimly SIMON Member Portal—your personalized dashboard and management center for your MERP account.

Forms & Documents

Find the forms, reports, and documents you need to keep tabs on your investments.


Visit our gallery of helpful how-to videos and other resources designed to help you learn about and manage your MERP account.